Why acid free?

Paper and ink that are acidic are prone to deteriorate over time. If you want your records to last, you need to think acid free.

 Archival storage

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Acid free paper
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Acid free pens and acid free ink

To keep your written records from deteriorating, only use acid free pens as these will have ink that lasts as long as the paper.

If you buy inkjet printer ink with a branded name, these are usually acid free, but check with the supplier or manufacturer of your ink cartridges.

Remember also not to store notes in ordinary PVC pockets - these are NOT acid free.

More about acid free paper

The acid content in paper determines it's life expectancy. The acid content is measured on a pH scale:

  • pH 3-6         very acidic with a short life expectancy
  • pH 7           neutral and classed as acid free - lasts 200 years
  • pH 14         alkaline with a very long life expectancy - 500 years or more

Acid free paper (pH 7.0 and above) has a high degree of durability and permanence and will last for up to 200 years under normal use and storage conditions. It will not discolour or become brittle with normal handling.

Our acid and alkaline free paper (neutral pH) is suitable for use in both laser and inkjet printers. Also use it for copying, writing and drawing up your family trees or recording any of your important ancestral information.

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Archival Acid Free Paper

Do you know what the life expectancy will be of the paper you write or print your research notes on?

Professional archivists and people from the legal profession generally need to store important documents for as long as possible. One of the techniques they use is to keep everything away from acid. Acid in paper, ink and storage boxes attacks the documents, weakening the structure of the paper, causing yellowing and fragility.

Older papers were made from materials such as linen and hemp, and so are naturally alkaline. or acid free, therefore lasting hundreds of years. 20th century paper and most modern paper is usually made from wood pulp, which is often acidic and does not keep for long periods.

For the family historian, archival quality acid free paper is essential for the safe long term storage and permanence of research notes and documents. But archival acid free paper is very difficult to get hold of and not easily found in general stationers.

When your research has taken so long to uncover all of this valuable information in your family history why then record it on standard acidic paper that will fade in time? Our papers are acid and alkaline free (neutral pH) and guaranteed by the manufacturer for a minimum of 200 years. As well as printing these sheets can be used as acid free safe interleaves between photographs and documents or alternatively we offer acid free card which also offers more support.

We stock three choices of archival acid free paper in A4 and two in A3














White A4 archival quality acid free paper

For notes, printed or handwritten, family tree charts, print outs and general use in 90gsm and 100gsm


  • Pack of 25 sheets white A4 90gsm £1.75
  • Pack of 100 sheets white A4 90gsm £5.95
  • Pack of 500 sheets (1 ream) A4 90gsm £17.95
  • Pack of 25 sheets white A4 100gsm £2.50
  • Pack of 100 sheets white A4 90gsm £6.95
  • Pack of 500 sheets (1 ream) A4 100gsm £20.95



Cream A4 archival quality acid free paper

For notes, printed or handwritten, family tree charts, print outs and general use in 100gsm


  • Pack of 25 sheets cream A4 £2.25
  • Pack of 100 sheets cream A4 £6.50



BMD colours A4 archival quality acid free paper

For copying and colour coding birth, marriage and death certificates for you working file. Use the copy - keep the original safely in an acid free certificate pocket in your certificate binder in 100gsm CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


  • Pack of 30 sheets, 10 of each pink, green and grey A4 acid free paper £2.75