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Archiving and storage of all of your valuable research material, old documents, wills, maps, newspaper articles, memorabilia and photographs even if just copies of the originals should always be done using archival acid free materials and safe archival preservation products.

We stock all your genealogy supplies - acid free pens, acid free paper, labels and card, acid free tissue paper, acid free adhesive and tape as well as certificate, census, and photograph/memorabilia storage binders. Storing in archival acid free clamshell boxes or "A" size archival boxes and using acid free tissue paper protects your items from light, dust and moisture.

For preserving all your certificates, documents and photographs in our binders we supply archival products - acid free pockets, acid free insert cards and acid free tabbed dividers found in this archival storage section of the Family Tree Folk site. A smaller acid free memorabilia clear pocket is also available to store those precious little keepsakes.

Do not use PVC pockets often found in general stationers - these are prone to plasticiser migration and destroy photographs along with the print and paper of all documents

Always ensure it is either archival polypropylene or polyester

We also stock archival acid free document repair tape/repair kits, and white cotton gloves in four sizes. All used by professional archivists for handling and repairing old documents, books and photographs.

Please feel free to contact us on if you have any queries regarding using any of our genealogy products for preserving and archiving your valuable research items and memorabilia.  

Acid free pens

The Zebra Jimnie acid free pen is a 0.7mm medium point rollerball tip that provides a quality writing result everytime. £2.25 each.

The Zig Memory System Millennium acid free pen comes with a 0.45mm fine point for more detailed work. £2.95 each.

The Zig Photo Signature acid free pen is safe for use on both the front as well as the back of photographs. Only £2.25 each.


Acid free glue & tape

     Dual action acid free glue pen 

     Archival document repair kit

     One touch acid free glue stick

     Acid free tape runner


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